ceramic, vase, pot, red, black, handpainted, decoration
Doulton Flambe Brush Pot 1920s

Doulton Flambe Brush Pot 1920s

2 800 SEK 3 500 SEK

A Royal Doulton 'Sung' brush pot circa 1920's.

It took many years of experimentation and expense for Royal Doulton to recreate the secrets of this flambe red glaze. A glaze that had been in use by the Chinese since the 11th century.

Doulton artists added hand painted decoration that became known as 'Sung' wares. This pot was painted by the artist Frederick Moore under the art direction of Charles Noakes. It is signed by both.

A beautiful and collectible piece of 1920's history.

H 13 x Dia 8