Collection apart is a decorative arts and antiques dealer specialising in 20th century antiques and decorative pieces.

Originally from England, Katie works from her showroom in Stockholm, where she sources British, European and contemporary design pieces for private collectors, interior designers and interior enthusiasts. Her passion is to blend organic, tactile and sculptural furniture, art and objects from a mix of art and design movements but always with a modernist sensibility. Every piece is carefully sourced and given a new context that feels personal and new. She curates her collection with regular exhibitions with contemporary artists that complement the Collection apart world.

Having worked and consulted in the fashion world for over 20 years, at Acne Studios, Arket and Toteme amongst others, Katie changed direction and focused on building her antique and decorative arts company. She is inspired by her love for collecting old things, her interest in Modernist artists and the homes and studios of artists she has visited on her travels. She has used her business knowledge from the fashion world to build an international network of contacts within the antique and design world.

The passion that drives her is above all sharing with her clients the unique value, personal meaning and beauty that antiques and decorative arts can bring to a contemporary home.