Alexandra Yan Wong & Mliceramics by Emelie Abrahamsson

Introducing artists currently on view at Collection apart:

Alexandra Yan Wong (f. 1993), England. Materiality underpins, Alexandra Yan Wong’s art work arising from her interest in the psychology of perception and aesthetics in the modern world. Formally a linguist with a background in German Literature and philosophy, she swaps words for paint, stain, paper, fabric, wood amongst other materials.  Their spatial arrangement, concealment and destruction highlight their tactility and the work’s narrative form. The cross-cultural influences in Wong’s works can be seen in her use of colours and brushstrokes reminiscent of calligraphy. The combination of expressive marks and considered repetition attests to the tension inherent in perception, reflecting a similar tension that maintains the balance in the symbiosis between our being and the wider world. She works from her studio in West London and has been published in the likes of AD, Ark Journal and Imagicasa.  Her work can be found in collections across the UK, Europe, US and Asia.

"My latest work represents my recent thoughts about my upbringing in Hong Kong and subsequent move to the UK. After not having visited home in a few years due to the pandemic, my recent trip stirred up feelings of nostalgia and compelled me to research my roots, as well as to revisit topics, that I had only scratched the surface of during my academic career. Drawing from my Chinese roots, I incorporate broad calligraphic strokes and juxtapose them against geometric shapes. Instead of focussing on the contrast between the fluidity and rigidity of this dualistic nature, the overlapping of layers reveal an organic process in reconciling past and present traditions and beliefs. This is a stillness and calm brought about by resolution and in this way, I hope the viewer can find in my paintings a moment of stillness, a state of suspension where introspection is free to take place"  

Alexandra Yan Wong, London 26 April, 2024

Mliceramics by Emelie Abrahamsson, Sweden: Emelie Abrahamsson is a ceramic artist based on Hönö, an island in the archipelago, where she works full-time from her studio in her Grandfathers old boathouse. She works with natural textures and strong shapes using stoneware clay and a traditional coiling technique to create her large scale statement pieces. Motivated by the history and soul of ceramic traditions, she combines her vision with a childlike curiosity of her unique surroundings on the island she grew up on.

"My work aims to communicate and have a deep connection with the history and soul of the ceramic tradition. Using the same hand building and sculpting techniques now as then, I want my work to have a unique and modern aura with references to historical craftsmanship and for my sculptures to stand alone and strong. To bring calmness to a surrounding with subtle details that evoke curiosity from their observers. I continually work to find a balance between every line that together creates the finished shape with a weightless inhale. Taking inspiration from the old mountains here on the Swedish west coast I am trying to transform different textures and movements to be timeless and as close to natures own design. Working with different tones of stoneware leaves the clay raw and lets the natural texture speak for itself.  My artistic vision is to encapsulate the environment where I come from with the old ceramic tradition. To create freely in my right element makes me connect with nature, myself and with other people" 

Emelie Abrahamsson, Hönö 26 April 2024

Welcome to view both artists at the showroom in Stockholm where their unique work sits amongst aged antiques and collectible design from Europe and Sweden.

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