Everyday Ephemera by Pol Matthé

Belgian artist, Pol Matthé was born in Antwerp (°1982) and has been living and working in Stockholm since 2014. One day he surprised Katie Lowson, founder of Collection apart with an invite to view his collection in a basement in central Stockholm. There she discovered a vast collection and archive of paper and small objects ranging from bouncing balls and walking sticks to stools, brooms, boxes, and bulbs, Scandinavian furniture that leaps through a range of design periods, and a collection of artwork by artists he has discovered whilst living in Sweden. Katie had stumbled upon a fellow collector!  One whose collection was the starting point for his own artwork but also a unique expression in it’s own rights.

Pol Matthé’s work is a poetry of assemblage, finding the right objects or images to convey the subtle, transient feelings of nostalgia and joy. Matthé is an artist looking with loving, serious attention at commonplace objects and forms, made from simple materials such as wood or cardboard. Part research, part devotional act, he meticulously collects and catalogues his finds and acquisitions, before making intuitive leaps through categories — chopping things up, splicing them together, omitting parts — creating an enigmatic universe wholly his own and finding beauty in the most unprepossessing of physical forms.

Welcome to ‘Everyday Ephemera’ an exclusive curation of objects, furniture and images from the private universe of Pol Matthé. All pieces will be available online and at the showroom during the exhibition. 

 Exhibition runs March 14th - 17th, Collection apart, Renstiernas Gata, Stockholm.