Collection apart x Emotional Landscape

Collection apart and Emotional landscape come together to launch a new range of glass candleholders.

A celebration of everything and nothing. A table setting caught in a moment somewhere between the distant past and the fantasy of the future. Sit with us at the table, after all the guests have departed and explore the fragments of emotions, conversations and rituals that are left behind.

Interspersed amongst a decadent and debauched setting; spiky twisted candleholders hand blown in glass are scattered amongst a curated selection of deco vintage pieces.

The candleholders are available in 3 sizes ranging from 25-35cm. All are one of kind, hand blown by glass artisans in Lasvit, Czech Republic. A limited range will be available for purchase during the exhibition and then by pre-order at the showroom and online from the 8th September.

Emotional Landscape is a coupling of object and feeling. When we fill objects with intention, memory and meaning, the objects hold our experiences and reflect our innermost thoughts back to us. The philosophy of Emotional Landscape is to capture this constant circle and give it material form.

A creative collaboration and a platform for exploration founded by Alice Shulman, Elinor Nystedt and Margareta Wingardh. Alice Shulman is a designer, trained in fashion. Originally from Ukraine, her relationship to glass reaches as far back as she can remember, particularly the fascination for how this distilled form of immediate design can create movement frozen in time. In the Emotional Landscape glass projects, the goal for Alice has been to approach glass the way she approaches textiles, by cutting and distorting the material and letting it solidify into
ephemeral form.

"To Launch the candleholders, we have reconstructed a table setting caught in it's finale hour. The scenery has been touched, the drama has been played out and the objects that remain are the key witnesses”  Alice, Designer Emotional Landscape.