Astrid x Collection apart - Stockholm Furiture Fair 2024

Astrid x Collection apart

Astrid x Collection apart - A Way of Living

Astrid breaks the norms by collaborating with Katie from Collection Apart, crafting a captivating narrative that seamlessly integrates fabrics, furniture, art, and antiques. This creative partnership challenges the norms of antiquity and contemporary design.

Katie breathes life into Astrid's fabrics, crafting environments that tell compelling stories. The infusion of a rich colour palette intertwines effortlessly with the timeless allure of Collection Apart's furniture, creating a space where antiques and modern designs harmoniously converge. This collaborative ballet of woven narratives transcends eras, offering a visual feast for design enthusiasts.

Inspired by the intersection of art, crafts, and design, this collaboration goes beyond the ordinary. The result is an immersive experience where each piece, whether fabric, furniture, art, or antique, possesses a unique narrative.

Antiques sourced from diverse epochs gracefully collide with contemporary creations, creating an aesthetic that is both timeless and refreshing. Through an alliance with creators like Axel Wannberg, SAERK, DinLampa and artists Mliceramics and Alexandra Yan Wong. Astrid x Collection Apart constructs a realm where each thread tells a story, and every piece of art, furniture, and object possesses a unique narrative.

Curating an Exceptional Exhibition Experience at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2024.

This collaboration between Astrid and Collection Apart marks a departure from traditional furniture fairs, introducing a novel approach to the industry. By infusing excitement, contemporary relevance, and a sense of exclusivity into furniture fairs in general, Astrid aims to pioneer innovation.

"We are inspired by creativity within art, crafts, and design and are always impressed by people who have a passion for what they do. That’s one of the reasons why we love collaborations. We also love the synergy that comes out of combining our fabrics with other materials. For this reason, we have invited Katie Lowson from Collection Apart to collaborate on making an inspiring space for fabrics, furniture, art, and antiques in our stand. We will dedicate half of our stand to Katie and her handpicked objects," says Astrid.

Collection Apart, led by Katie Lowson, is renowned for its unique blend of curated furniture, art, and antiques. With a focus on creating spaces that transcend design norms, Collection Apart brings a fresh perspective to each collaboration, infusing contemporary relevance into timeless pieces. The partnership with Astrid marks another chapter in Collection Apart's commitment to weaving narratives that bridge the past and the present.